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daniela2twin's Journal

Miss Sperber
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1930, 1940, 1970s, 1980s, acrylic paint, alien, amadeus mozart, american sign language, andy warhol, antique fabrics, architecture, art, art book, art gallery, art history, art museum, art songs, baking, ballet, ballroom dancing, baroque music, bike rides, books, cabaret, cats, cemeteries, chocolate, cinema, cirque de soleil, coffee houses, coke cola, colored mascara, concerts, cooking, creative art, creative writing, cross-stitching, dancing, david bowie, denver country club, downloading music, drawing, dvd collecting, edgar allan poe, europe, european history, fantasy, farmer's market, foreign films, gardening, goth clubs, graphic art, halloween, hamlet, hiking, ice skate, ice skating, joey arias, john william waterhouse, kenny scharf, klaus nomi, kraftwerk, l. frank baum, labyrinth, ludwig van beethoven, macbeth, madame butterfly, marathon, maria callas, masquerades, monet, moulin rouge, musicals, myspace, mythology, narnia, nature, new wave, nyc, opera, opera house, organic food, outdoors, period costume, phantom of the opera, photobucket, photography, photoshop, poetry, pointe work, poster art, puccini, purcell, pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky, quarkxpress, record collecting, rhinestones, road trips, romance, science fiction, scrapbooking, sex, silent films, singing, skiing, sleding, solar power, state fair, street performers, tattoos, tea, tennis, the renaissance, the wizard of oz, theaters, thriftstores, toulouse-lautrec, travel, victorian, victrolas, vintage clothing, vinyl clothing, volunteers, walking, waltzing, willian shakespeare, wine, wine tasting, writing, youtube.com